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How to Join

Mac OS & Windows

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Here are instructions for playing on any Mac OS or Windows computer. Minecraft Java Edition is required and sold separately at 

Entering The Server

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1. open multiplayer
After installing Minecraft Java Edition, opening the game's launcher, and clicking the "play" button, you can click "multiplayer" to open the multiplayer menu.

(Note that Minecraft Java Edition for Mac OS, Windows, or Linux is required. The server is compatible with all Minecraft versions 1.8.0 and up. If you need assistance installing Minecraft, contact your course instructor or email for support.)

2. Add Server
Click the add server button at the bottom right corner of the multiplayer menu.

3. Server Info
Copy the information from the screenshot displayed on the left of these instructions into the empty boxes on your Minecraft software. Make sure to copy exactly as shown including the periods. 

4. Server added
Once the information is copied, you can click done to return to the multiplayer menu. Proceed to step 5.

5. join the server!
Now you should have the server added to your list of servers in the multiplayer menu. Double click the server to join.

If the server reports the error "connection timed out", wait 30 seconds and then try joining again. If you have difficulties connecting, send an email to with a screenshot of the error message and they will assist you further.

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Java - How to Join
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