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Were you invited to the private beta for the new minecraft server? We've provided additional information below including how to join, controls, and in-depth information about the various activities on offer.

How do I join?


1. open multiplayer

After opening the game's launcher and clicking "play", you can click "multiplayer" to open the multiplayer menu.

2. Add Server

Click the add server button at the bottom right corner of the multiplayer menu.


3. Server Info

Copy the information from the screenshot displayed on the left of these instructions into the empty boxes on your Minecraft software. Make sure to copy exactly as shown including the periods. 

4. Server added

Once the information is copied, you can click done to return to the multiplayer menu. Proceed to step 5.

5. join the server!

Now you should have the server added to your list of servers in the multiplayer menu. Double click the server to join.

If you have difficulties connecting, send an email to with a screenshot of the error message and they will assist you further.




What are the controls?

Commands you can use


When you type "/mvspawn" you will teleport to the spawn point of the world you're in.


When you type "/suicide" you will teleport to the last bed you slept in while playing on a Ruleless Kingdoms map. You can also use this command to restore your health and hunger levels.

What is there to do?

Competition Tent

The competitive activities tent is filled with various competitive activities including the Parkour Olympics, Bed Wars, and Skywars. More will be added in the future.

Adventure Castle

The Adventure Castle focuses on large scale adventures to sink hours of playtime into. Explore a massive city where no rules exist in Ruleless Greenfield City, find hidden passages on a planet where you can only travel with parkour in Parkour Adventures, fight ender dragons and withers for loot in Beast Hunters, and more adventures coming soon.

Battle Dome

In the Battle Dome, there are several different players versus players game modes including Battle Royale, Team Battles, and Team Siege. More modes coming in the future.

Assorted Arcade

Choose from 4 different arcade activities including Zombie Apocalypse, Invasion, Pitfall Rush, and Murder Mystery. More planned for release in the future. Survive endless waves of mobs that gradually get stronger, dig holes under the feet of other players to have them fall in a pit of dangerous waters, or play a various assortment of card games with others.


A free-to-play online Minecraft server for Minecraft Java Edition.

A server with endless activities including zombies survival, battle royale, team battles, bed wars, space wars, ruleless kingdoms, parkour Olympics, and so much more!

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